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Things you need to know about me.

Liviing By The Truth
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The Truth About Spirituality!
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Family and Friends Photo Album 2006! Part II
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Things you need to know about me.
Soul Survivor
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About Myself: Since being saved in 1995 I developed a strong desire to share the word. I have served as a spiritual motivator as well as a bible study teacher. I have written tracts that pronounce the message of salvation for those that are lost and without hope in the world. After years of listening to this and listening to that, I made a decision to diligently study the scriptures for myself to seek out the truth. I am a mother of three and grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren. I work full time and write part-time, something I truly enjoy doing.

I grew up in Harlem, thinking I would never accomplish much, because of the enviorment I came from, but against all odds, God chose me to be his servant.

When writing "Living by the Truth" I was severely attacked by the enemy, I was in the hospital seven days fighing what was suppose to be a minor tooth infection. I am still here, I am not going nowhere. Satan tried very hard to stop this book from coming forth, that is how I know it is good and anoited by the grace of God.

Climbing the mountains of Life

Hallelluah to the Mountian top!

In the valley is where we grow, and when we are growing, we are growing to reach the top of the mountain.  Let us continue to climb, so that we reach the top, where we will shout, Hallelluah!

Here's a list of my favorite books.

My Best Life Now by Joel Olsteen
The Purpose Driven Life

Here's a list of some of my favorite people:

My Mother, Martelle, my daughers,Quinise and Lashey, my son, Taury, my grand babies, Emari, Brielle and Breon, my sister Rosilyn, my nephews Taron, Terell, and Tarik, my sisters in the Lord, Kim Summers, Kris,Tiffany, and my long time friend Cassandra Reeves, my grandmother, Rosalee, who has passed on, My brother in Christ, who is a true believer, Mr. Anthony Cangiano. May God shine his blessings on you all!

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We must worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness! Bottom Line!