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Family and Friends Photo Album 2006! Part II

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Family and Friends Photo Album 2006! Part II
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Come with me into the pages and life of my beloved family and friends!


Lillian C. Larry, Owner of website and author of "Living By the Truth and "Soul Survivor.

Come, let's enjoy the photos and accomplishments of my family and friends! We must always be willing to share our goals and accomplishments as a testimony for others! Come and be lifted up, edified and encouraged!


Angela Massapaqua, my beloved Friend.

I met Angela many years ago, and we never met each other face to face. Angela's cousin, friend and brother in Christ, Anthony Cangiano, was nice enough to send me this picture of Angela. Unfortunately, Angela passed away this year. I still remember her voice. I thought I would fell bad that I never met Angela face to face, but I never met Jesus face to face either, and I Love him. Angela, I love you, one day, we'll meet in heaven. God bless you. Love your sister in Christ, Lillian.


My Daughter Q is in the background.

Pics of Quinise and my family coming soon! Be on the lookout!


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