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The Truth About Spirituality!
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Getting into the Spirit

Today the world is in a crisis concerning their need to be spiritual beings. There are many of us that are searching for a purpose and a meaning to our existence, but we are often times looking in the wrong places. We have been searching and searching for the things that we believe will make our lives complete. We have been walking in the wrong direction, searching for a hope that does not exist outside of the hope that was sent by God through Jesus Christ. We have experienced the feelings of loneliness, emptiness, alienation, abandonment, hurt and betrayal, and no matter what we do, our lives are never fulfilled. The feelings and emotions that we experience, give us a signal that we are way off course, and that we need to get on the right road to deliverance and recovery.
Many have tried to fulfill their lives, with money, clothes and cars, and found that these things still did not do the job. In our lives we are filled with a variety of things that do not give our lives a sense of purpose or meaning. Instead of getting on the right track, we continue to warehouse our addictions and increase our sorrows even more. As a result of our lack of knowledge, we are disillusioned about marriage, family, and relationships. When we live our lives in this manner, our lives become warehouses for misery and escalating pain. The emptiness and despair that we harbor are direct results of being alienated from our spiritual connections to our lost lives. If we are going to live as spiritual beings, we are going to have to empty out our meaningless warehouses, so that our spirits will have room to be free to receive the newness of life God wants to impart in us. We need to empty out our feelings of bitterness, in order to fill that space with the spirit of forgiveness.
The spirit of God needs a home with enough space to roam free in our hearts in order to influence our spiritual growth. Our quest for spirituality will only be obtained when we are able to surrender into the hands of the living God.
The spiritual life is simply a life in which all that we do comes from the center of our life in Christ. When we become spiritual, we acknowledge the reality of God and his presence. We will be able to yield to the call and will of God to create in us a new and fulfilling beginning. As spiritual beings we will allow the spirit of God to live in us and through us for the benefit of others. Wherever there is free space, there is room for the spirit to move and operate. Scripture says that we can not put new wine in old bottles, else the bottles will burst. We can not allow our lives to be weighed down with worldly lusts and desires, without eventually exploding from heartache and pain.
The bible teaches that those without a spiritual connection to the divine creator are lost, broken and detached from their spiritual nature. Being lost they can not find their way without a guide; broken; they are incomplete, detached; they are without a connection to the vine, Jesus Christ. The hope of a spiritually lost, broken and detached human being will be based on their acceptance of the truth about salvation. Knowing that one must be saved in order to be free, must become a reality for those that are lost and without hope in this world. Instinctively, we should sense that something is missing in our lives. Even though Jesus is looking for the lost souls in the world, the lost souls should be looking for Jesus as well. Jesus is not hard to find, because he is not lost, we are.

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