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Believers are having a hard time getting the answers to the truth of scripture, because many pastors, preachers and teachers will not address certain issues that will disrupt the flow of their administrations. Today people are allowed to walk in whatever manner they choose, and still maintain a confession of faith that they are believers of the living word of God.Living by the Truth will allow the true believer the opportunity to begin again, to walk in the spirit of holiness, and live by the truth of the living word of God.

The Truth About Homosexuality Will be Revealed!

The church is afraid to address the issue of homosexuality, even though it is prevalent in the church? If the church wont, Living by the Truth will. The author will take the reader into scripture for the truth that will lead that homosexual sister or brother into the land of righteousness through truth, love and grace!

The Truth About Marriage and Divorce will be discussed:

Marriage, Divorce - What does God say about it. There has been so much controversy regarding the subject of marriage and divorce. Living by the Truth will eliminate the controversy by opening up the pages of scripture and showing it to the world. The bible says seek and you shall find!


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